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We use principles based on research to educate our clients on behaviors, habits and routines to promote health and improve performance.

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About Us

Focused on Sleep Quality and Sleep Duration 

At Sleep for Wellness, we are passionate about helping our clients master problems around sleep. We work with individuals and corporations to develop custom sleep hygiene programs that assess daily behaviors and environmental barriers that contribute to poor sleep. Lack of sleep is linked to decreased quality of health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, mental fog, and reduced productivity to name a few. Fatigue-related productivity losses alone can cost approximately $2,280 per employee annually*

Our team of experts will provide you with personalized guidance and support as you embark on your journey towards better sleep. 


What We Specialize In

Identifying Sleep Problems

Maximizing Executive Functioning and Productivity

Improving Sleep Environment

Setting Sleep Goals

Personalized Sleep Plan


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"Dr. Felicia Ivey and Sleep for Wellness bring so much insight and knowledge to an area of our lives that oftentimes gets overlooked but has such a huge impact, sleeping WELL. While working with Dr. Ivey as both a client and wellness workshop partner, her audience always left with more personal sleep awareness and also new practical habits to help aid in reaching personal sleep goals. These habits were key to help take meaningful and lasting steps in transforming our relationship with sleep.

- Lovesol Founder

“As a busy executive, I never realized how much my sleep was affecting my productivity until I started working with Sleep for Wellness. Their program helped me develop better sleep habits and improve my overall performance.”

- John M.

“Sleep for Wellness helped me overcome my sleep apnea and get the quality sleep I needed. Their team of experts provided me with a customized plan that addressed my specific needs.”

- Emily S.

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